11 Aug

October 8th, 2015 Survive the Drive “Behind the Wheel” at Lime Rock Park


Survive the Drive will be holding a “Behind the Wheel” Defensive Driver Training event on Thursday, October 8th at Lime Rock Park.   “Behind the Wheel” offers teen friendly, comprehensive, cost effective defensive driver education. The hands-on defensive driver training course was developed to demonstrate:

  • Crash Avoidance Maneuvers
  • Skid Capability
  • Vehicle Control
  • Braking Exercises
  • New Car Autonomous Technologies

Survive the Drive’s “Behind the Wheel” Defensive Driver Training program was created based on information and experience gathered by Survive the Drive’s professional staff and Board of Directors, each offering decades of service, education and experience in driver training, transportation safety and auto racing instruction.

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Participants Must:

• Present a valid DMV Drivers license or permit
• Provide proof of insurance
• Be accompanied by parent or guardian
(If under 18 years of age)
• Provide proof of registration of their participating vehicle
• Wear flat shoe, no sandals or open toes
• Wear comfortable clothing
• Have good tires and possess one spare tire or run-flat tires
* Be sure to check your gas gauge before arrival!

More about Survive the Drive:

Survive the Drive is an independent, not for profit, educational resource that provides risk awareness presentations and safe driving instruction to individuals, schools and community groups

The organizations program is designed to educate novice drivers through the use of a multi-media presentation and a hands-on defensive driver training course. The presentation focuses the students attention on the detrimental activity of texting, reading, drinking, phoning and any other activities that impair consciousness to the ever-present operational hazards of their heavy, moving equipment. The hands-on defensive driver training course was developed to demonstrate crash avoidance maneuvers, skid capability, vehicle control, braking exercises and new car autonomous technologies.

Survive the Drive presentations can be scheduled as a single assembly or as an accompanying presentation that will focus on each student’s competence and the desire to be their “Best Behind the Wheel.”