15 Jan

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance celebrates Ferrari ‘Daytona’ March 11, 2018

“The last road car that might legitimately be considered a true Ferrari is the 365GTB/4 Daytona.” – Brock Yates, Enzo Ferrari (Doubleday, 1991)

It’s been a half-century since Pininfarina created the timeless shape of the Ferrari 365 GTB/4. On March 11, 2018 that happy anniversary will be celebrated at the 23rd annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance with a special class of the rare and significant Ferrari 365 GTB/4 “Daytona” automobiles.

am_day2It was revenge, not Ferrari that gave the 365 GTB/4 its popular nickname. The name of America’s first superspeedway clung to the big Italian GT after Ferrari prototypes avenged themselves on American soil following their stinging defeat at Le Mans in 1966. Three victorious Ferrari P4 and P3 prototypes executed a perfectly choreographed photo finish winning the 1967 Rolex 24 at Daytona. It mocked Ford’s botched photo finish at Le Mans the previous June. There was little subtlety in it and everyone got the point. And the name Daytona stuck to the 365 GTB/4 almost at once.

am_day3So the mighty 365 GTB/4 became known as “Daytona” even though Ferrari never made it official. Some historians claim that the project was labeled “Daytona” internally during its gestation following the 1967 Daytona 24 Hour sweep. Then the internal nickname “Daytona” leaked. Ferrari himself was said to have squelched the use of the name when it became public.
Today the Daytona has a special place in Ferrari’s lustrous history. Automotive tastes and the traditional designs that had served Ferrari so well for two decades were under assault in the late sixties. So Ferrari made one last thunderous declaration regarding the creation of the thoroughbred grand touring car. They labeling it in traditional Ferrari fashion: 365 ccs per cylinder, Grand Tourismo Berlinetta, four overhead camshafts; 365 GTB/4.

am_day4Nearly 1,400 Daytona’s were built in coupe and convertible configurations. It outgunned its pricier and rarer 3-liter predecessors with a muscular 4-cam 4.4 liter V-12 fed by six enormous 40 mm Weber carburetors. This exotic recipe makes 380 hp and propels the big two-seater to nearly 180 mph; a sobering number for a 3,600 pound GT.
Despite its weight the Daytona made a fine race car. Ferrari created 15 special Competition 365 GTB/4s from 1971 through 1973. They scored class victories at Daytona, Watkins Glen and Le Mans and won the 1972 Tour de France outright. Second overall (with class victories) at the 1973 and 1979 Rolex 24 at Daytona, appropriately, are the Daytona’s North American racing high water marks.

am_day5“The Daytona has traditional Ferrari provenance, presence and poise.” said Bill Warner, founder and Chairman of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. “The Daytona is the last of the true ‘Enzo’ Ferraris created before the Fiat influence arrived in Maranello in 1969. The howl of that big V-12 should be part of Il Canto degli Italiani, the Italian national anthem. The big Daytona is a car, a name and a legacy worth celebrating in grand style.”
Courtesy: Mike Eppinger, OldCarsWeekly.com
Photos courtesy of Bill Warner, Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance
About the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

am_day1Now in its third decade, the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is among the top automotive events in the world. Always held the second full weekend in March, “Amelia” draws over 250 rare vehicles from collections around the world to The Golf Club of Amelia Island, The Ritz-Carlton at Amelia Island for a celebration of the automobile like no other. The 23rd Annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is scheduled for March 9-11, 2018. For more information, visit www.ameliaconcours.org or call 904-636-0027

14 Sep

LRP Historics 35 Sunday in the Park Concours: The Show Went On Despite Heavy Rains


Lakeville, Conn. – The first Sunday in the Park Concours d’Elegance at Lime Rock Park that required inters and even full wets on the golf carts came to a successful end in damp-but-drying conditions as a full squadron of them snaked down Sam Posey Straight piloted by Festival Chairman Murray Smith, concours organizers Bill Scheffler, Kent Bain and Ryan McIntosh, plus photographers, reporters and various other hangers-on. The flotilla stopped at each class plaza to interview the winning owners and present the trophies, cars in situ.

With all 28 winners duly recognized, dry weather concours protocol was ordered by the stewards; the People’s Choice and Best of Show winners were driven to the presentation area.

Two very special silver Ferraris were winners in the wet:

People’s Choice was a fabulous 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB long-nose/six carb owned by Robert Wilder of New York, N.Y.

Best of Show was sponsored by Analog/Shift, the premier retailer of vintage timepieces. The winning car was the 1961 Ferrari GT Berlinetta Competizione Speciale, the one-off, alloy-bodied Pininfarina aerodynamico coupe, owned by Peter Sachs, of Stamford, Conn. Analog/Shift’s James Lamdin presented a beautiful Universal Geneve Gents dress watch along with the Best of Show trophy.

A complete list of Sunday in the Park winners Presented by the Prestige Family of Fine Cars is available at Historic Festival 35

In the meantime, please enjoy these Sunday photos from Greg Clark, Brian Ciancio and Taylor Kemp posted on Lime Rock Park’s Facebook page.

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21 Jun

NEAM Father’s Day Car Show 2017 Award Winners

Photos – Jenny Ord Bonadio

Photos – Jenny Ord Bonadio

People’s Choice Award
First Place – Marc Wonderman, ’34 Morgan Super Sports “Trike”
Runner Up – Bob Sabre, ’54 Nash Airflyte

New England Auto Museum Award – Favorite in Show
’49 International Pickup, Emily Gagnon

Mayor’s Trophy – selected by Harry Rilling
’54 Nash Airflyte, Bob Sabre

Malcom S. Pray Jr. Award – Favorite Classic Car
’53 Morgan +4 “Flat Rad”, Rod Griffith

Bob Sharp Award – Most Fun to Drive
’95 Ferrari F355, Mickey Koleszar

James Melton Award – selected by George Dragone
’37 Ford Fordor, Vinnie Pousada

Lime Rock Award – Favorite Race Car
’57 Morgan Plus 4, Chip Brown

“Car Bob” Award – Favorite Morgan
’34 Morgan Super Sports “Trike”, Marc Wonderman

CT Seaport Club Award – Favorite Preservation Car
’73 Buick Gran Sport, Phil Roitman

Karl Chevrolet Award – Favorite Camaro
’69 Chevrolet Camaro, Vern & Kim Cyr

Hagerty Award – Car That Matters
’84 BMW 520i, Nick Ord

NE Racing Fuels Award – Favorite Track Car
’67 Volvo 122S, Automotive Restorations Inc.

Automotive Restorations Award – Favorite Restored Car
’70 Pontiac Trans-Am, Jim Napoletano

Spacefitters Award – Favorite Modern Car
’11 Callaway Corvette, Maria & Bill Myers

Ord Family Award – Favorite British Car
’58 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, Pray Auto Body

Coachmen Car Club Trophy – Favorite Rod or Custom Car
’68 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, Vinny Lyons







05 Jun

WKPN-89.5FM’s “Car Bob” Show to Broadcast Live from the NEAM Father’s Day Car Show on June 18th

WKPNFM Radio Personality and Show Grand Marshal “Car Bob” Costanzo

WKPNFM Radio Personality and Show Grand Marshal “Car Bob” Costanzo

Norwalk, Conn. – WKPN-FM Radio Personality and automotive expert “Car Bob” Costanzo has been named Grand Marshal for the 3rd Annual NEAM Father’s Day Car Show presented by Karl Chevrolet. The “Car Bob” Show runs on alternate week’s Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am on Bridgeport’s WKPN Radio at 89.5 on the FM dial. The show features a panel of car experts in including “Car Bob”, Mark “The Mechanic” Mushin, Diesel Doug Echols, and Motorcar Historian George Dragone. The provides discussion of all things automotive and listeners are encouraged to call in with questions or comments about the topics of the day as well as tips for keeping your car in top mechanical condition.

“Car Bob” Costanzo has been working on automobiles since his early teens and graduated from Central Connecticut State College in 1974 with a BS in Education, Industrial Arts. For many in the area, “Car Bob” will be remembered as a Judge at auto shows in the Corvette Class and early American automobile up to the 50’s. “Car Bob” is currently a Professor of Automotive Technology at Gateway Community College in North Haven where he is the lead GM ASEP instructor. He is an ASE World Class Technician and also certified in alternative fuels vehicles including hybrid and electric cars.

“Car Bob” is often seen around the Bridgeport/New Haven corridor in his daily driver, a green Morgan Plus 4 roadster. Morgan Cars from England are the featured European marque at the year’s NEAM Father’s Day Car Show which is an official event on the Morgan Club of New England’s 2017 Event Calendar.

The “Car Bob” Show will be broadcast live from the show at Mathews Park in Norwalk and show spectators and participants are encouraged to meet “Car Bob” and his panel of car experts at the WKPN-89.5FM tent beside the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion.

17 May

110 Year-Old Fiat Targa Florio Race Car Coming to the NEAM Father’s Day Car Show June 18th

1907 Fiat 60HP Targa Florio Corsa owned by Manny and George Dragone of Bridgeport, Connecticut

1907 Fiat 60HP Targa Florio Corsa owned by Manny and George Dragone of Bridgeport, Connecticut

Norwalk, Conn. – The first of the classic European road races was the Targa Florio, which began in 1906 and continued until 1976. The first course was three laps of 92-around the Madonie Mountains. Fiat’s entry in 1907 was led by Vincenzo Lancia and Felice Nazzaro. At the end of the first lap Lancia was in the lead, but ultimately it was Nazzaro in the 60HP who won the second Targa Florio. That same year he also won the French Grand Prix and the German Kaiserpreis also in Fiat race cars. This is one of the five original 60 HP Fiat team cars from the Targa Florio. It was discovered with a touring body and has been restored to the specification raced by the great drivers of 1907 by Manny and George Dragone of Bridgeport.

In 1907, there were 51 entrants in the 2nd Targa Florio race in Sicily, including pioneer automakers Darracq, Itala, De Dietrich, Benz, Berliet, Gobron-Brille, Daimler, Clement, Junior, Star-Rapid, Zust, Diatto-Clement, Radia, Ajax, Isotta-Frashini, Rolland-Plain, Opel and the five 7.4 liter/60HP Fiats. Felice Nazarro won the race with a Fiat, followed by Fiat teammate, Vincenzo Lancia, just 12 minutes later and after nearly 8 ½ hours of racing. Lancia also posted the fastest lap of the race, with a time of 2 hours, 43 minutes, 8 seconds. A third Fiat finished in 8th place driven by Aldo Weilschott. The other two Fiat team cars do not appear in the race results, but Fiat established itself as one of the leading automakers in the world.

Vincenzo Lancia and mechanic and future superstar driver of the 20's Pietro Bordino, pushing their Fiat F1 in the pits

Vincenzo Lancia and mechanic and future superstar driver of the 20’s Pietro Bordino, pushing their Fiat F1 in the pits

In 1907, at the age of 26, Felice Nazzaro was the greatest driver in the world. With his effortless and immaculate technique, he stayed at the top, retiring from premier level racing in 1924 after almost 25 years in the most dangerous game in the world. A cagey driver, Nazzaro would often hang back at the beginning of a race, waiting for the leaders to fail and then would pounce into the lead, sometimes making the fastest lap in the process.

Nazzaro was very young when he started work in the workshop of the Ceriano brothers (Fiat founders) and he was soon competing for the new Fiat racing team. He won the Padua 200 km race in 1900 at the wheel of a red Fiat and the 1901 Giro d’Italia in a 6HP Fiat. The popular star of numerous Italian races early in the century; he even became an idol abroad, with a brilliant second place for Fiat in the Gordon Bennett Cup of 1905. Slight of build, gentlemanly of nature and immaculate in dress, his skill as a driver, mechanic and diplomat earned him the position of ‘works’ Fiat driver alongside Vincenzo Lancia in 1905.

The car resides in the Dragone Classics showroom in Westport, CT

The car resides in the Dragone Classics showroom in Westport, CT

While the Fiat Company has records of the serial numbers of the cars that were sent to the Targa Florio, it is not known which cars finished and which didn’t. Records show that the Dragone’s car was shipped to Argentina after the 1908 racing season, where it was fitted with a touring body. It was parked on a ranch in the 1920s and remained there until discovered by Californian Ben Moser in 1976. Moser was successful in obtaining its Targa Florio documentation directly from Fiat, but it wasn’t until 1990 that he was finally able to make its purchase. Unfortunately, Moser passed away before the car arrived in the U.S. The Dragone’s purchased the Fiat from the Moser estate in 1991.

The Fiat’s 4-cylinder 7.4 liter engine rated at 60 hp

The Fiat’s 4-cylinder 7.4 liter engine rated at 60 hp

The Dragone’s 1907 Fiat Targa Florio race car will be featured at the Father’s Day Car Show on Sunday, June 18th at Mathews Park in Norwalk. Anyone interested in showing a car at the show may pre-register online at the New England Auto Museum website at only $15/per car or at the gate on the day of the show for $20/per car. All show cars will be welcome with no cut-off year. Spectator admission is free. Prizes will include awards for the Peoples’ Choice, the Mayor’s Choice, Favorite in Show and many more. Dash plaques will be available for the first 100 cars to register.

New England Auto Museum
The New England Auto Museum will be an exciting new attraction for the state of Connecticut and throughout the Northeast. This non-profit organization will build a first class facility dedicated to preserving, interpreting and exhibiting historic automobiles and automobile artifacts. It will serve as both an educational learning center as well as a display center to highlight an ever changing evolution of car history and its impact on society. Find more information at www.neautomuseum.org

11 May

Cannonball Outlaw Reunion set for June 2 in Greenwich, Conn.

Director Hal Needham and Pamela Yates with the infamous TransCon Medi-Vac Ambulance in 1979 - Archive photo

Director Hal Needham and Pamela Yates with the infamous
TransCon Medi-Vac Ambulance in 1979 – Gero Hoschek Photo

GREENWICH, Conn. – On June 2, in Greenwich, Conn., a group of original outlaws depicted in the 1981 film “Cannonball Run” will come together in one place to recount those outrageous stories of beating the law as they raced cross-country from New York City to Los Angeles in some of the craziest vehicles built for the endeavor.

This will mark the third reunion since the first car took off from the Red Ball Garage in New York City in 1971, and it will be held at the Cole Auditorium at the Greenwich Library. A number of the original outlaws will relive those desperado days relating their wild stories as they sped coast-to-coast, evading the law either with excessive speed or outlandish explanations for their escapades. Remarkably, they all avoided jail-time.

Pamela Yates, wife of Brock Yates, the originator of the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, who was a patient in 1979 in the bogus TransCon Medi-Vac Ambulance speeding cross-country to a special hospital because her “condition prevented her from flying,” will tell her story.

Judy Stropus, who was part of the Right Bra team in 1972 of three women dressed in pink bell-bottoms and bodysuits, and portrayed loosely (and we mean loosely) by Adrienne Barbeau in the movie, will finally reveal her side of the story of their demise.

The Right Bra Racing Team Left to right: Judy Stropus, Peggy Nemecek, and Donna Mae Mims, “the Pink Lady” - Archive photo

The Right Bra Racing Team Left to right: Judy Stropus, Peggy Nemecek, and Donna Mae Mims, “the Pink Lady” – Archive photo

Riding in a Travco motor home replete with gourmet chef creating fine dining for the crew in 1971, ’72 and ’75, Bill Brodrick (known as the “hat man” at the NASCAR races in the ’70s and ’80s), and Car and Driver writer William Jeanes will describe their adventures.

Other outlaws with zany recollections from the 1970s will include Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance wizard Bill Warner, who still owns and drives the Porsche 911 he piloted in 1975, and Jack Cowell, who, with Pete Brock and Dick Gilmartin, were the “Flying Fathers” in 1972 in a Mercedes-Benz 280SEL, loaned to them by M-B p.r. rep at the time, Leo Levine. Levine will be on hand to explain how he got away with that one. We’ll hear from Bob Brown, who drove with Brock Yates in 1972 in the Cotton Owens-built Dodge Challenger, and Rich Taylor, the official starter at the Red Ball Garage in New York City. We’ll also view videos from other outlaws, such as racing icon Dan Gurney, Pete Brock, Brock Yates Jr., and Anatoly Arutunoff.

Dan Gurney and Brock Yates with the winning Ferrari Daytona relax at the Portofino Inn November 17, 1971 – Archive photo

Dan Gurney and Brock Yates with the winning Ferrari Daytona relax
at the Portofino Inn November 17, 1971 – Archive photo

Long after the dust settled from the original races, long-distance driver Alex Roy and David Maher, with filmmaker Cory Welles on board, set a new transcontinental record in a technology-laden BMW M5. Roy will share the wild highlights and show some never-before-seen footage from the record run!

Car collector, Cannonball fan, and well-known DJ Travis Bell will recount his meticulous recreation of the TransCon Medi-Vac Ambulance, with the support and blessing of Hal Needham and Brock Yates. They liked it so much, they signed the dash!

Cannonball cars on display will include:

  • Dan Gurney/Brock Yates Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona that won the race overall in 1971
  • Brock Yates’ iconic 1972 Dodge Challenger built by NASCAR’s Cotton Owens
  • Bill Warner’s 1975 Porsche 911T
  • Travis Bell’s TransCon MediVac Ambulance recreation
  • Alex Roy’s Polizei 144 BMW M5
Brock Yates’ Cotton Owens built 1972 Dodge Challenger now owned by Wayne Carini – Amelia Is. Concours photo

Brock Yates’ Cotton Owens built 1972 Dodge Challenger
now owned by Wayne Carini – Amelia Is. Concours photo

The panel discussion will be hosted by Mike Spinelli, Executive Producer, TheDrive.com at Time Inc., co-host of The Drive on NBC Sports and co-founder of Jalopnik.

“This event is not to be missed,” said Roger Garbow, co-organizer of the event with Judy Stropus. “The chances of all these outlaws being reunited again in one place to relate their madcap stories are pretty slim. I guarantee that it will stand as an historic event of its own.”

The panel discussion, which will include excerpts from the original 1981 film, onboard video footage from Alex Roy’s 2006 run, a slide show depicting the early days, an auction of Cannonball memorabilia, an autograph session, and other surprises will complete the evening. The event is being held in cooperation with the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance (June 3-4) www.greenwichconcours.com and the Greenwich International Film Festival http://www.greenwichfilm.org/.

Tickets are $125 per person, which includes dinner (gourmet grilled cheese and lobster sliders) and drinks, and may be purchased at www.greenwichfilm.org. The evening begins at 6:30 in the courtyard of the Greenwich Library, alongside the Cannonball cars, with the program beginning at 8 p.m.

The proceeds of this dinner will benefit the New England Auto Museum, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization www.neautomuseum.org.


03 May

Greenwich Concours d’Elegance celebrates its 22nd year in 2017


Bugattis, Historic Race Cars, Hot Rods and Children’s Cars featured to benefit Americares

GREENWICH, Conn. – Recognized as one of the premier classic car shows in the country, the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance will celebrate its 22nd year of showcasing significant cars, motorcycles and one-off automotive creations on June 3-4, 2017.

The brainchild of the late Bruce Wennerstrom, the Concours continues its tradition of holding two unique Concours back-to-back at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park overlooking the Greenwich, Conn., harbor on Long Island Sound.

For 21 years, the proceeds from the Greenwich Concours have gone to support Americares, a health-focused relief and development organization that responds to people affected by poverty or disaster with life-changing medicine, medical supplies and health programs.

Organizer of the world-renowned Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, Bill Warner, has been named the Grand Marshal.

Saturday, June 3, will be the Concours Americana for American cars and motorcycles, while Sunday, June 4, will feature the Concours International for imported marques.

The inaugural hot rod display being organized by Velocity Channel’s Chasing Classic Cars host Wayne Carini will highlight Saturday’s show. A special exhibit of children’s cars and supercars will round out the day’s displays. Saturday’s ticket also allows attendees to preview all of the cars in the Bonhams auction tent.

Tickets are also available on Saturday night to a gala party and elegant buffet at the Greenwich Delamar Hotel, with luxurious yachts as a backdrop on the quay.

Sunday’s featured marque will be Bugatti and will include a collection of rare Bugattis from the American Bugatti Club. Sunday will also feature race cars from the Lime Rock Park Historic Festival. The Bonham’s auction begins at noon on Sunday and requires a separate admission.

Also showcased during the weekend will be the iconic outlaw cars from the original cross-country Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, held in the ’70s, along with some of the later non-outlaw entries. These cars will also be displayed at the Cannonball Reunion, a joint evening event with the Greenwich International Film Festival, at Cole Auditorium on Friday, June 2. Proceeds from this event will support the development of the New England Auto Museum, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a world class automotive display and educational facility in Connecticut.

Both days will include displays of the latest in new cars including BMW, Cadillac, Tesla, Lincoln, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Miller Motorcars of Greenwich will highlight its Ferrari, Bugatti, Pagani, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, McLaren, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Maserati marques. Opportunities to test drive some of these new vehicles will be offered. There will also be a number of luxury yachts displayed at the adjacent Delamar Hotel docks.

“The Greenwich Concours is proud to partner with Americares to help families in need all over the world,” said Mary Wennerstrom, Concours Chairman. “Not only will attendees who appreciate these rare cars be treated to two days to delight their senses, they will also be contributing to one of the world’s most respected charities.”

“Americares is honored to be the Greenwich Concours’ charity of choice for more than two decades,” said Americares President and CEO Michael J. Nyenhuis. “Together we are helping families affected by poverty or disaster to get the health care they need — the health care they deserve.”

VIP tickets are available on a limited basis. A VIP ticket includes early entry to the Concours, breakfast and lunch with the car owners and judges, access to the VIP lounge and patio at the Delamar Hotel, entrance to the Bonhams Cocktail Reception on Friday night, lapel pin, poster and a VIP lanyard.

  • Gates open at 10 a.m. for general admission, 8 a.m. for VIP ticket holders
  • Advance tickets for both days are available at $30 per day or $50 for both days
  • Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult
  • VIP Admission is $250 per day or $450 for both days
  • Saturday Night Gala tickets are available for $175
  • Tickets can be purchased at http://www.greenwichconcours.com/visitors/tickets/
  • Admission to Bonhams auction is available on site at $40 for two people
  • To request media credentials, please go to http://www.greenwichconcours.com/press-links/

The weekend activities will include other events, open to the public, some in cooperation with the Greenwich International Film Festival:

About Americares
Americares is a health-focused relief and development organization that responds to people affected by poverty or disaster with life-changing health programs, medicine and medical supplies. Each year, Americares reaches more than 90 countries and all 50 U.S. states with over $600 million in innovative health programs and quality medical aid. Americares is the world’s leading nonprofit provider of donated medicine and medical supplies. For more information, visit americares.org

Baby Bugatti with a 1925 Bugatti Type 35A/51 Grand Prix at the Greenwich Concours site Photo by Bearded Mug Media

Baby Bugatti with a 1925 Bugatti Type 35A/51 Grand Prix at the Greenwich Concours site
Photo by Bearded Mug Media

18 Apr

Cannonball Reunion – June 2, 2017


DON’T MISS OUT! Tickets are now on sale for the Cannonball Reunion – in cooperation with the Greenwich (Conn.) Concours and the Greenwich Film Festival.


Featuring original Cannonballers and their cars, too! Seating is very limited so don’t delay.


Proceeds from the Reunion will benefit the New England Auto Museum, www.neautomuseum.org


To buy tickets, go to www.greenwichfilm.org


June 2, 2017 – 6:30 p.m. – program at 8 p.m.
Cole Auditorium at the Greenwich Library
101 West Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, Connecticut 06830
28 Mar

1st Annual Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer planned for Norwalk Sunday April 23rd

1965 FFR Shelby Daytona Coupe owned by Mark Schlegel

1965 FFR Shelby Daytona Coupe owned by Mark Schlegel

Norwalk, Conn. – Mark Schlegel is often seen at area car shows where he proudly displays his distinctive royal blue ’65 FFR Shelby Daytona Coupe. The sleek sports racer has won numerous awards including Favorite Track Car at last year’s NEAM Father’s Day Car Show, and is always surrounded by admiring spectators. Mark Schlegel was diagnosed in April of 2015 with pancreatic cancer and is currently under the care of Dr. Richard Frank, MD at the Norwalk Hospital’s Whittingham Cancer Center. Recently Mark and a group of his friends formed a 501(c)(3) organization called “Rallye For Pancreatic Cancer” which is raising funds for Dr. Frank’s Pancreatic Cancer Research Study. The purpose of the study is the development of a blood test for early detection of pancreatic cancer and 100% of all the donations to the nonprofit organization will go directly to this research study.

On Sunday April 23, 2017, Mark’s group will host a car rally and show event in Norwalk. The event will run from 9:00am until 3:00pm. It will kick off with a “Rallye” of Classic Cars starting at Veteran’s Park running through Norwalk and culminating at Calf Pasture Beach where the cars will be on display for the general public to view. In the event of inclement weather on April 23rd, the event will be postponed to May 7, 2017.

The Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer organization’s mission and the importance of this fund raiser is to bring awareness and to help fund an early detection blood test screening to diagnose pancreatic cancer.

• Pancreatic Cancer is the only cancer where there is no early screening for detection.
• Diagnosis is usually made at Stage 3 or stage 4.
• It is the least funded of all cancers.
• Connecticut currently ranks first in pancreatic cancer incidence in the U.S.

To support this worthwhile cause, everyone is encouraged to join the event as a spectator, participant, donor and/or sponsor. All gifts made in support of Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer are tax-deductible as provided by law, and all participation forms are available for download from the organization’s website www.rallyeforpanceaticcancer.org

1st Annual Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer – April 23, 2017 (Rain Date: May 7)

Imports, Customs and Classics Car Show
9:00am to 3:00pm
Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk, CT
Food, Music and Cars

Be a participant or a spectator for the first annual Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer. Come see a collection of unique automobiles. This will be a very exciting new car show to kick off the 2017 season.

Rallye for Pancreatic Cancer was created to bring awareness for one of the deadliest cancers having no early detection and diagnosis. Proceeds will support a landmark, three-year pancreatic cancer research study at WCHN being led by Richard C. Frank, MD, a hematologist/oncologist and the Director of Clinical Cancer Research at Norwalk Hospital’s Whittingham Cancer Center and the WCHN Biomedical Research Institute in Danbury.

Come show off your car or become a sponsor to help fund Pancreatic Cancer Research. Please call Mark C. Schlegel at 203-434-8540 or Peter Bondi at 203-984-4574 or
email: pcresearch17@gmail.com

All donations can be made to Rallye For Pancreatic Cancer, Inc.
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 100% of all proceeds go to the Research Study.

Register Your Car at www.rallyeforpancreaticcancer.org

22 Mar

The Winning Daytona 24 & Sebring 12 Drivers Racing in PWC Lime Rock Opener, May 26-27

lr171LAKEVILLE, Conn. – The winning drivers of January’s IMSA Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona and last weekend’s IMSA Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring – the brothers Ricky and Jordan Taylor – will be racing in Connecticut at Lime Rock Park in the USAC Pirelli World Challenge series, the opening event of Lime Rock’s 2017 season, Memorial Day weekend May 26-27.

Ricky (l.) & Jordan Taylor are SprintX-ing with the Cadillac PWC team on Memorial Day weekend

Ricky (l.) & Jordan Taylor are SprintX-ing with the Cadillac PWC team on Memorial Day weekend

The Bros. Taylor, sons of prototype and GT racing icon Wayne Taylor, are longtime General Motors stalwarts, even at the tender ages of 28 (Ricky) and 26 (Jordan). They race the #10 Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.R prototype for their father’s team, Wayne Taylor Racing, in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

At Lime Rock, the Taylor Boys have been contracted to join Cadillac V-Performance Racing drivers Johnny O’Connell and Michael Cooper in the Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) GT races. O’Connell and Cooper drive the #3 and #8 Cadillac ATS-V.R, respectively.

New for 2017, the two Lime Rock PWC GT races will be the SprintX 60-minute format: Two drivers per car, with a mandatory driver and tire change at 25 minutes.

O'Connell's PWC #3 Cadillac ATS-V.R

O’Connell’s PWC #3 Cadillac ATS-V.R

The Cadillac driver pairings haven’t been finalized, but word on the street is that Jordan will be O’Connell’s co-driver, and Ricky will be with Cooper.

“I’m really looking forward to the PWC season,” O’Connell, 55, said. “We had one bad weekend last year that really cost us, and I’ve been training hard all winter looking for some redemption. Ricky and Jordan are doing a great job proving themselves on the world stage, especially with these great Daytona and Sebring wins. I am very much looking forward to working with them this season in the SprintX races.”

“All of the Cadillac fans should be as excited as I am to have Jordan and Ricky with us for the SprintX races this year,” Cooper, 27, said. “Jordan has tested with us numerous times the last few years, so I’m sure they’ll slot right in and make their presence known. They are a perfect fit for Cadillac Racing’s SprintX program.”

“I am extremely excited to share the ATS-V.R with the guys,” Ricky Taylor said. “I have always been a huge fan of the ATS-V.R program and of Johnny and Michael, so getting a chance to contribute to the team and hopefully another championship is a great opportunity. Lime Rock is an extra special one for me as I have won there three times and it was my first professional win while driving with Max Angelelli.”

“I’m really looking forward to getting back in the Cadillac ATS-V.R,” Jordan Taylor said. “It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Lime Rock. It’s a track that I’ve always enjoyed… a true, old school American road course. The layout is very enjoyable for a driver and presents a big challenge for the engineers.”

In last year’s two “regular” PWC GT races at Lime Rock, O’Connell had a third and a 17th, while Cooper finished eighth and 14th.

Cooper's PWC #8 Cadillac ATS-V.R

Cooper’s PWC #8 Cadillac ATS-V.R

Purchase general admission tickets at a discounted pre-event price now at limerock.com. Mohegan Sun Fan Hospitality and Personal Cabana passes are available, too. GA tickets are $23 for Friday, $45 for Saturday, and $60 for Fri./Sat./Sun. (the Sunday Royals Car Show) weekend.

Fan Note 1: For all Lime Rock Race Weekends, veterans and active military are free; youths 16 and under w/adult free; parking free; paddock access free

Fan Note 2: For Memorial Day weekend, immediate family of vets and active military also free

Courtesy Lime Rock Park